Executive Women And Women In Leadership Program


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About Executive Women in Leadership

In this certificate, you will learn strategies and techniques to skillfully level the playing field as you work to attain higher levels of leadership. You will begin with an evaluation of the gender bias and power dynamics present in your organizations and develop strategies to overcome their limiting effects. Next, you will assess and refine the way you present yourself as an executive. Leaders often have to negotiate on behalf of themselves, their teams, and their institutions, so students will explore ways to prepare for the challenges women face in negotiations and adapt their negotiation style to the context of a given situation.

About Women in Leadership

This certificate positions women who are in leadership positions to recognize when there is a gender dimension at work and how they can out strategize gender bias and their own habits to achieve better results.

An Exclusive Invitation and Offer

In partnership with Africa Tourism Partners, Cornell University is offering these programs at an exclusive and heavily discounted fees for African Women around the world in private, public and non-government organisations’ Leadership or management positions. Please note that given limited space for the course, each application and selection for participation will be based on merit. 

Programmes Details

Executive Women in Leadership Course

Core Courses / Modules

·       Power and Gender Dynamics

·       Developing Executive Presence for Women Leaders

·       Gender Bias and Negotiation Strategies

·       The Network Effect

Elective Courses / Modules - Select 1 Course

·       Decoding the Gender Gap in Board Membership

·       Fostering an Inclusive Climate

·       Becoming a Strategic Leader

Women in Leadership Course

Core Courses / Modules

·       Women in Leadership: Navigating the Double Bind

·       Women in Leadership: Negotiation Skills

·       Women in Leadership: Using Emotional Intelligence to Drive Results

·       Women in Leadership: Giving and Receiving Feedback

·       Women in Leadership: Outsmart the Work-Life Balance

Commencement Dates and Fees
  • December 2023 and January 2024
  • Each programme will be limited to 35 participants.
Exclusive Fees Offer (EXCLUDING VAT OF 15%)

Executive Women in Leadership

$2 999 $599

Women in Leadership

$2 999 $599

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